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Deliver Meals

Delivering meals is a simple and rewarding way to support older adults and people with disabilities in our community.  Our volunteers currently deliver meals provided by Lutheran Social Service of Minnesota from the Hilltop Regional Kitchen in the communities of Long Prairie, Browerville, Clarissa, Eagle Bend, Bertha, Hewitt, Wadena, Verndale, Staples, and Motley.

Volunteers personally greet and get to know each person when they deliver the fresh, hot meals. Older adults enjoy the friendly, personal interaction that may be only person they see or speak to all day.

Family members gain peace of mind in knowing that someone is checking on their loved one daily. If the delivery volunteer notices anything of concern, with the older adult's permission, we can notify family members.

Contact LSS at 1-800-488-4146 or meals@lssmn.org to sign up to deliver meals!