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The Hilltop Regional Kitchen is a 501(c)3 organization, providing kitchen facilities to produce meals for communities across Central Minnesota.  Through a strong partnership with LSS Meals, a service of Lutheran Social Service of Minnesota, the Hilltop Regional Kitchen is able to ensure nutritious meals are available to residents in our region for decades to come.

As small rural kitchens have closed in many of our communities, the Hilltop Regional Kitchen now provides a facility that will ensure older adults and people with disabilities get the nourishment and human connection needed to support daily activities, while reducing the need for medical support.  For some recipients, these daily meals are the difference between living in their own homes and moving to a nursing home.

The Hilltop Regional Kitchen could not exist without the help of volunteers who deliver the meals and donors who help maintain our facility. Learn more today about how you can get mealsvolunteer or donate.

LSS Meals is a service of Lutheran Social Service of Minnesota (LSS). LSS Meals offers healthy, delicious meal options that are available to in many ways to anyone statewide. Learn more about LSS Meals on the LSS website.

For more information on Hilltop Regional Kitchen contact us at hilltopregionalkitchen@gmail.com or (218) 738-5563.